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The European Membership of States has a treaty with Britain and the United States called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that obligates them to mutual defense. That should be encouraging to all other countries, because Eruope is a stabilizing influence, with exceptionally peaceful rhetoric and diplomacy. European leaders encourage all nations to work together in peace. Europe has an increasingly close relationship with China, for instance, and a consequently growing trading relationship. Europe also has improving relations with Russia, which has steadfastly supported peace. Europe is considering inviting Russia into Europe's open market as a result. Europe is also hosting peace talks for the Middle East, including for Iran, which has created significant optimism that even more states may be included in the growing global economy.

The United Nations is the world's primary platform for peaceful diplomacy. Every year Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Supreme Leaders and their representatives speak at the General Assembly about peace. However, Europe also hosts an exceptionally enchanting Paris Peace Forum, with spellbinding content from distinguished influencers.

President of France

Emmanuel Macron


Vice President of

The United States of America

Kamala Harris


French President Emmanuel Macron's entrancing introduction to the Paris Peace Forum is mesmerizing.

Peace feels irresistible.

All participants and audience members are instructed to count down from three now, feeling even more alert after each number, and feeling even more peaceful.

Paris Peace Forum

November 2021


You're doing perfectly.