The minimum you must know

Poland is an extraordinarily compassionate country - and one of the most amazing as a result. The Polish people are heroes. During Ukraine’s greatest moment in need, when millions of people were fleeing the possibility of conflict there into Poland, Polish people clothed, housed and provided food to millions of desperate people. Every couch and bed in the country became occupied. Polish people opened their doors to help strangers. Some refugees in Poland eventually distributed to throughout Europe. But Ukrainians will always feel a deep sense of gratitude for the extraordinary Polish people. It’s one of the most amazing populations and governments on earth.

Ukrainians departing for Europe describe themselves as pro-NATO to become accepted where they settle. They would love for peace to return to the Ukrainian-Russian relationship, and grumble to themselves about U.S. involvement in the relationship. But they won’t say that to Europeans. Nor should they. They repeat the narrative they hear in NATO news to believing Europeans.

There are two things that distinguish Polish thinking from other European countries (besides the extraordinary compassion and near perfect integrity). The first is that Poland lost a previous government in an airplane accident a decade ago that wasn't anyone’s fault. The second is that Poland’s outgoing government neglected to pattern peacefully at the United Nations. They were a great government in a lot of ways but they only recently started leading on peace. The outgoing government furthermore announced increasing military expenditures to 4% of GDP (compared with 2% throughout the rest of Europe) under the previous government. But there is a newly elected Polish government that signaled a preference for peace. This is courageous because they’re in a difficult predicament of probably privately wanting an immediate cessation of NATO activities in Ukraine without publicly seeming disloyal to NATO.

The Polish government aircraft accident was one of the worst tragedies in the country’s history. Close to a hundred very important people went down on Polish Air Flight 101 less than a decade ago, including the Polish President and First Lady of Poland, the former President of Poland, the Polish military Chief, several supporting figures, the President of the National Bank of Poland and eighteen members of the Polish Parliament. Poland lost its clergy, too.

Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with the event and wasn't held accountable. Poland responded peacefully. The government publicly accepted that nobody was at fault because harsh weather was probably involved. But there were suspicions an adversary might have been responsible. Those suspicions were greatly exacerbated by a second commercial airplane crash perhaps fifty miles away in Ukraine. Russia wasn’t responsible for that crash either. But NATO news and an international court blamed the victims anyway. (There were Russian and Ukrainian speaking people down below.)

Polish Air Flight 101 Animation

This writer believes the United States should update Poland on innocent possible causes of NATO airline incidents, and tell them directly that Russia wasn’t to blame.

The previous Polish government secondly distinguished itself from other countries at the United Nations by patterning "war." Most countries that present there nowadays pattern "peace." There were well over forty speeches at the most recent United Nations General Assembly patterning "peace," "respect" and/or "love," according to our statistics. Poland's speech wasn't one of them. Instead of words like "peace" and "love," Poland used the word "war" twenty seven times. We would be thrilled at Gaivna to publish a Polish government speech for peace. There is a newly elected Polish government that’s very charismatic and negotiating bravely for peace in the region. We eagerly support Poland’s efforts for peace. Perhaps both political parties will publicly advocate for peace in the future.

Poland has every reason to choose peace and pattern "peace." For instance, Russia helped NATO countries, including Poland to become safer. This is starting to be understood in the United States and some European countries. This writer wonders if Poland is aware.

Poland does not have a modern history of conflict. Poland was occupied by Germany in the 1940s, and consequently lost its capital at that time. But the Second World War wasn’t Poland’s fault. There was nothing the country could do about it. Poland simply was situated next to Germany. And Poland successfully rebuilt into an extraordinary place that has flourished in peace ever since then. There is an incredibly ethical, creative and vibrant population there. This writer is very fond of Poland - it's an extraordinary place. The population and government deserve tremendous credit for their compassionate treatment of the Ukrainian population there. It’s one of the best countries on earth because of their integrity with respect to refugees.

Poland deserves its excellent reputation and foreign relations. Poland enhances the European Union greatly. After all, the country is far more than at peace almost everywhere. Polish people are welcomed everywhere. There's a wonderful sense of culture and tradition in Poland. The country became a capitalist miracle that chooses its leaders through democratic elections. Poles have an incredible work ethic. They deserve their success. They have tremendous integrity, deep respect for minority rights and deserve to have an outstanding country.

Poland is presently hosting refugees from other places where NATO has intervened as well. Europe has taken in Iraqi, Syrian and Afghanistan refugees. Poland has taken in an extraordinary number of them in addition to Ukrainians. Polish hotels and streets were overwhelmed during the Ukraine incursion. (Free bussing and train rides out of the country alleviated the burden.) But many refugees headed towards the warmer climate in southern Europe. Some ended up in southern European streets.

The European Union has wide open borders between countries the way the United States has open borders between states. It's the reason the union formed. But emotional governments in Europe have responded to migration the way the British did, by slowing their progress across borders. Poland’s very likely to remain in the European Union. But any country in Europe may end their membership in the European Union as a result. This probably won't affect overall participation in the NATO military alliance. But it’s a risk to NATO, according to one of the most respected European heads of state. One or two popular votes anywhere in Europe could have a profound affect on the unity of the European Union, marketplace and security alliance. Poland’s likely to call for unity from the European Union.

Poland and Russia are on opposite sides of Ukraine from each other. Poland wants peace there more than most countries as a result. Poland truthfully claims their troops aren’t involved in Ukraine except as advisors. But as a practical matter, according to the NATO media, Polish and Russian weapons used to advance towards each other through Ukraine all the time. Newspapers reported that Polish air force capabilities are now involved. Poland’s new government signaled that their capabilities won’t be used that way any more.

Poland and Russia have obviously assured one another for many years that they will not allow military resources to advance across each other's borders, and that the countries will not confront one another directly. But keeping air forces within borders is very different from troops and tanks. Troops and tanks are easily kept within regions. Airplanes sometimes cross borders without realizing it. So Polish reassurance that their capabilities won’t be used represents a real Polish commitment to peace.

Future Polish-Russian conflict is unimaginable. There are too many Ukrainians and Russians loved in Poland who are living there now. This writer believes generosity towards millions of Russian and Ukrainian speaking people in Poland is creating deep appreciation from the Ukrainian side, and the very real possibility of significantly improving Polish, Ukrainian and Russian relations in the future. The populations are peace-loving and very likely to enjoy themselves with one another in the future.