"The U.S. is ready to work with any nation that is seeking peace."
President Joe Biden

The United States of America is currently one of the most generous donors to populations in need. People around the world are benefiting from a remarkable effort to provide food and basic necessities to the needy.

This progress occurred during a time when many other countries were decreasing foreign aid. But the United States did not, and developed a very ethical program to support starving people everywhere. U.S. aid helps populations in both security cooperating and competing countries because it’s the right thing to do. It’s exemplary leadership for peace from the Biden administration and United States of America.

The United States has also done a tremendous amount for peace, including very recently. This is becoming deeply appreciated by heads of state and populations globally because influential U.S. politicians and distinguished members of the media are increasingly patterning peacefully. The remarkable progress would not be occurring without very ethical media encouragement from the Biden administration.

  • The United States and China enjoy the best relationship in the history of the countries. See the U.S.-China peace page. Some day this may be remembered as one of the greatest U.S. foreign policy accomplishments of all time.

  • Afghanistan is peaceful for the first time in twenty years as a result of the principled U.S. departure from the region. The United States is also providing humanitarian aid that saves countless innocent lives - more than any other country.

  • Many Cubans are effectively sanctions-free for the first time in the history of Cuban-U.S. relations, because Cuban families members in the U.S. can support their relatives in Cuba unlimitedly now. Perhaps there will be even more progress in the future. But it’s already an extraordinary diplomatic accomplishment for everyone involved. 

  • There is peace for Venezuela. This was also a remarkable accomplishment that was far from a foregone conclusion. Following the “Barbados agreement,” the US Treasury Department issued general licenses temporarily lifting sanctions on Venezuela’s banking, aviation, gold and oil sectors.

  • The United States enjoys more than just peace with Mexico and Canada. The United States has integrated security and largely free-trading relations with them.

  • There were recent news reports of challenges in Syria. But the United States also started providing significant aid to Syria, which seeks improving relations throughout Europe as a result of U.S. encouragement. The innocent Syrian population is already benefiting a lot.

  • There was a historic improvement in U.S. Iran relations. And the U.S. kept its word to the Iranian people - even when it wasn’t politically expedient to do so because of events in Israel - in releasing $6 billion for the Iranian population (under the supervision of the UAE) and in renewing a valuable sanctions waiver for $10 billion (in Iraq). If true, that represents exemplary integrity and real courage for peace.

  • Yemen is usually surprisingly peaceful (for the first time in decades) because…

  • The United States permitted and even encouraged Saudi Arabia to choose peace with Iran in Yemen, bringing to conclusion an unnecessary ten year security competition there.

November 25, 2023

  • Israel was about to close peace deals with several Islamic states (at its discretion, in this writer‘s opinion), prior to recent events in the holy land. The United States made this possible by exiting Afghanistan, giving generously to the Palestinians and Syrians, and improving relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The United States also released $10 billion to Iran. The United States even committed to the 1967 borders (with land swaps), the most important demand for peace from the Palestinian side. At U.S. prompting, Israel has already hired 65 thousand people to build a vastly improved modern Palestinian city of Gaza to gift to Palestine under the security of Islamic states friendly to all sides. Clearly more must be done. But there are genuine signals that peace & calm may return to the Palestinian and Jewish-Israeli relationship. Clearly real and lasting peace - and improving relations - between Jews and Muslims everywhere can and must result.