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The United States and China are both leading on peace for Yemen. Presidents Biden and Xi are demonstrating extraordinary integrity by bringing together Iran (traditionally a security competitor of the United States) and Saudi Arabia (traditionally a security alliance for the United States) to make peace between them in neighboring Yemen.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are regional superpowers that were supporting opposing proxies in a civil conflict. But that past isn't becoming the future. They have been encouraged by Presidents Biden and Xi to achieve a potentially historic peace there. Hostilities have been dramatically reduced and poverty significantly eliminated.

This writer believes the United States is improving relations with every country in the region as a consequence of its humanitarian and diplomatic efforts for Yemen:

Saudi Arabia and Iran first started making progress on peace with each other over six years ago, when Russia hosted leaders from both countries in Moscow. Those meetings started several years of rhetorical outreach for peace between the Iranian and Saudi governments.

The populations of Iran and Saudi Arabia get along well. Tens of thousands of Saudi Arabians & Iranians pray peacefully together every year at the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. So the governments are following the lead of their populations in being at peace with one another in Yemen and throughout the Persian Gulf and Middle East.

Yemen borders Saudi Arabia and is easily reached from Iran. There was initially more internal conflict there than anywhere else on earth. Poverty precipitated instability. The country then attracted others to the fight because Yemen is located along a waterway that's important to global trade. Regional and foreign superpowers became involved, and supported opposing sides. One proxy sought a parliamentary democracy similar to Iran's and China's, and the other a president or king very friendly to the royal government in Saudi Arabia. Resolving those differences peacefully wasn't an easy task. So the United States, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia deserve tremendous credit for working together for stability there. Russia deserves credit, too.

According to newspaper reports, there were over a hundred thousand casualties in Yemen over the course of a decade. Many political prisoners were also taken. Yemen recently freed them all. Close to a thousand people were released in March 2023, a historic development that shows that real peace is developing.

United Nations member states can support the Yemen people in this progress. Perhaps a lasting peace treaty can be reached for Yemen that formalizes the peace that's occurring there. Yemen may also need humanitarian aid for at least several years. The Saudi and Iranian governments can't support the people on their own. Yemen may appreciate and need the involvement of additional countries.

The King of Saudi Arabia insists on Peace for Yemen

The President of Iran insists on peace for Yemen

According to newspaper reports, Yemen used to suffer from malnutrition and consequently disease. The population used to be in greater need of more humanitarian support than virtually any other country. Hundreds of thousands of people were starving and tens of millions of people were food insecure. Basic needs went unmet for close to a decade. But currently the economy of the country is improving and humanitarian assistance is helping a lot. This is contributing to stability in the relationship between Iran & Saudi Arabia, as well as in U. S. - China relations. The Iranian & Saudi Arabian governments have individually given more generously to support the Yemen people than all other governments combined. But this year the United States and China may be doing as much, too. It may be important for other countries to follow their lead.

According to a U.S. State Department press release in January 2023, the United States recently became involved in peace building “for 25 activities to strengthen local leaders, organizations, and networks to serve as neutral arbitrators and peace builders… [to help] youth, women, discuss and resolve long-standing conflicts, raise awareness about discrimination, and bring people together to discuss solutions for a peaceful Yemen.” Clearly President Biden and the entire White House team led extraordinarily with respect to the country.

The press release also said that the United States increasingly is helping to beautify and make Yemen livable, by providing economic support to “Yemeni communities… to repair aging water networks, upgrade power utility grids, and form groups where young people learned to express themselves and become leaders.” This is a phenomenal attitude from the United States. It's an amazing thing to do.