No Press Please


Want to increase ratings?

We don't.

(Not very much, anyway.)

That isn't what this website is about.

But that's okay.

You're loved anyway.

And there's another way your television show can improve its viewership a lot.

(More than you've ever imagined possible.)

Here's how...



Just tell your viewers, "You're going to love the next story, because it's great news."

Tell them that a lot.

DON'T be negative.

Simply direct attention enjoyably.

Use language patterns as often as you want to improve audience loyalty.

(The more often the better).

Then report actually great news.

Tend to be encouraging.

Create metaphors for peace.

(Always de-escalating global tensions.)

You can contact us.

You're loved.

But why?

Just create beautifully.

Use your language patterns well.

You'll be amazed at the extraordinary response when you do.