For The Press

Want to increase ratings?

Yes you do.

But we don’t.

(Not very much, anyway.)

That isn't why we’re teaching you.

We’re sharing information…

…because you’re loved!

And that’s true regardless of your political views.

We feel a deep sense of admiration for the media on all sides.

You are reporting heroically and saving real lives.

And there's a phenomenal way you’ll enjoy increasing the size of your audience, while helping the population a lot.

(Perhaps more than you've ever imagined possible.)

Here's how...

Think of something cheerful to tell your audience. Then anticipate their response.

Tell your viewers, "You're going to love the next story, because it's great news.

You’ll enjoy it a lot!”

And smile.

Because your viewers smile when you do.

Don’t be too negative.

Why only devote attention to unwanted events?

Audiences want to feel uplifted.

Audiences enjoy happy people.

And most importantly,

Use a peaceful vocabulary.

And loving words.

Thats how your courageous reporting can benefit the public right now.

You can create peace and love between countries this way.

You can also create peace and love within a country this way.

You’ll increase market share when you do. One of the reasons why is because…

All major cities and urban areas globally are diverse. They’ve all benefitted from immigration. News organizations have to gain the approval of people from everywhere to be the most successful as a result.

Many cultures use the word “peace” with extraordinary frequency. A lot of people therefore only tune in to news organizations that do, too. They’re accustomed to peaceful soothing sounds.

So you have to say “peace” and focus on peace to gain that market share.

(If you’re considering your own network’s sequential daily statistics, you may have noticed this already. But a comparison of all the successful networks on a semi-annual and annual basis is even more impressive. Less popular news organizations are too negative and use too many vitriolic vocabulary words. More successful ones calm and encourage audiences with pleasant words associated with peace and living. Words such as “alive,” “flourishing,” “breathing,” “vibrant,” “surviving,” are great ones to use The best networks also inspire audiences to enjoy themselves with words like “joy,” “optimism,” “fun,” “excitement” and “enthusiasm,” and they hype-up their content with words such as “fascinating” and “interesting.”)

“Peace” is the most commonly used word in many cultures. It’s so often repeated that it’s now the common greeting for a segment of the population in virtually all major cities globally. It’s reassuring to hear comforting words you’re accustomed to.

Yet it isn’t spoken in English very often. It’s therefore a more necessary word for some. It’s a tremendous psychological relief and consequently greatly appreciated among those who hear the word and think about the concept less often.

That’s why reporting that uses the word “peace” and is interested in creating peace is preferred by the most people. (By far. It isn’t even close.) Because focusing on “peace” is the simplest and easiest way to gain the most approving viewers.

Creating peaceful feelings is also the right thing to do to help humanity. Peace between people can saves real lives.

Most news organizations and newscasters are making a superb effort. All news organizations have my full support.

Because you're confidently creating world peace.


Continue offering everyone the same facts and editorial perspectives that you already feel are important (explaining the perspective of all sides), with

Peaceful words.

And loving words.

That's it.



You'll grow your audience and enhance your own enjoyment with an awesome attitude.

You’ll be astonished.

YOU can create REAL peace and love globally.

(The twenty most strategic language patterns become easy when you start getting this right.)

Because you’ll be implementing them easily and naturally with a great attitude and peaceful vocabulary...

...while publishing actually great news.

For instance...

Remember to report on progress towards peace treaties, commencement of peace talks and declarations of peace by world leaders.

There’s already a lot going on that you can surface in the news.

And use the word "love" often.

(Not just "peace!")

This is communication at it's very best...

The most popular rock stars pattern peace.

They win the 18 to 45 year old television and radio ratings demographic when they do.

But they don't do it to gain market share.

They make peace because it’s the right thing to do to save real lives.

That’s what cool people do.

That's how you’re creating world peace right now.

By introducing a sense of “love” and “peace” into your news coverage.

With the word "peace" and peace symbols visible whenever possible.

A+ Laura
A+ CNN's Amanpour

Encouraging viewers that they can help each other.

You may also have fun choosing words that support the global economy.

Heroic reporting to large audiences can add trillions.

Maybe even more.

With metaphors for peace,

And a phenomenal economic vocabulary, that can help humanity immeasurably.

You’ll always enjoy doing what’s in the public’s interest.

(DE-ESCALATING global tensions whenever possible, such as right now.)

You can be serious.

But you can also be playful.

Your audience will smile and relax whenever you do.


Why not enjoy yourself so that they will too?

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Here is how.

Be in the group that understands what’s going on.

But remember that we don’t seek coverage for Gaivna. We want YOU to receive the attention - not us. Focus on peace every other way.

You're loved.

Create beautifully.

Use your language patterns well.

You can create world peace right now with elegant linguistics.

And you may be amazed at the phenomenal response when you do (such as LOVE and respect for YOU!)