For The Press

Want to increase ratings?

We don't.

(Not very much, anyway.)

That isn't what this website is about.

But that's okay.

You're loved anyway.

And there's another way you’ll enjoy increasing the size of your audience, while helping humanity a lot.

(Perhaps more than you've ever imagined possible.)

Here's how...



Tell your viewers, "You're going to love the next story, because it's great news.

You’ll enjoy it a lot!”


DON'T be negative.

And even more importantly,

Use a peaceful vocabulary.

Thats how your courageous reporting can benefit the public right now.

All news organizations are making a superb effort, and have my full support.

Because you're confidently creating world peace.


Continue offering everyone the same facts and editorial perspectives that you already feel are important (explaining the perspective of all sides), with

Peaceful words.

That's it.



You'll grow your audience while enhancing their enjoyment.

You’ll be amazed.

REAL peace and love can be achieved.

(You won’t even need the twenty other language patterns.)

Because you’ll already be doing perfectly, using a peaceful vocabulary...

...while publishing actually great news.

For instance...

Remember to report on progress towards peace treaties, commencement of peace talks and declarations of peace by world leaders.

There’s already a lot going on that you can surface in the news.

And use the word "love" often.

(Not just "peace!")

This is communication at it's very best...

That's how you’re creating world peace right now.

By introducing a sense of “love” and “peace” into your coverage.

With the word "peace" and peace symbols visible whenever possible.

A+ Laura
A+ CNN's Amanpour

Encouraging viewers they can feel confident, that everyone everywhere can behave with respect for one another.

You may also have fun choosing words that support the global economy.

Heroic reporting to large audiences can add trillions.

Maybe even more.

With metaphors for peace,

And a phenomenal economic vocabulary, that can help humanity immeasurably.

You’ll enjoy doing what’s in the public’s interest.

(DE-ESCALATING global tensions.)

You can contact us.

You're loved.

But why?

Just create beautifully.

Use your language patterns well.

You can create world peace right now with elegant linguistics.

And you may be amazed at the phenomenal response when you do (such as LOVE and respect for YOU!)