Linguistic Altruism

If you care about this work, you’re probably good and ethical for the same reason that I am - because it’s your personal morality. But “Lin•guis•tic / al•tru•ism” refers to innocently ethical persuasion and behavior for practical reasons regardless of individual philosophy.

Linguistic altruism is the gradual realization among those advancing in persuasion that influencers usually unavoidably receive the same form of communication and behavior that they give. So many advancing students become more and more altruistic, because emulating an “awesome attitude” usually results in the best experience for them.

People are completely free to persuade any way that they want. But advancing students often start treating almost everyone the way they wish to be treated, such as by behaving peacefully, and innocently and ethically convincing listeners to “feel great” and “live” “confident,” “happy,” “joyful,” “peaceful” lives.

Genesis 1:27

“God created man in his own image…” image, image, image. 

His Holiness, Pope Francis:

“The Lord does not tire of forgiving.”