World peace. Now.


A real and lasting PEACE may be achieved immediately by convincing all country heads to ORDER “world peace right now” on TV.  

The most influential and respected Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Supreme Leaders have all recently called for peace. They might be convinced to also ORDER intelligence agencies (and defense industries supporting them) to create perfect peace, by eliminating potentially harmful systems everywhere and standing down.

I believe President Biden can achieve this extraordinary result by offering two highly attractive incentives to all other heads of state: 

i) Immediate & complete sanctions relief, so that the global economy can rebound even more successfully than ever before, and 

ii) the prestige of “Favored Peaceful Nation” status, conveying upon recipients generous rhetoric and exclusive invitations to events.

These incentives might be successfully offered in a virtually immediate press release from The White House and subsequent press conference hosted by the President himself, stating that the United States compassionately grants IMMEDIATE, FULL AND COMPLETE ELIMINATION OF SANCTIONS to every peaceful nation on earth, potentially lifting up countless people from poverty, and reflecting superbly on the ethics of the leadership and people of the United States of America.  “Favored Peaceful Nations” status and events can further be announced to support the command and control of participating world leaders.   

The White House can say that Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Supreme Leaders can instantly receive the benefits of free trade for their populations and prestigious inclusion in Favored Peaceful Nation events by ORDERING “global peace right now” firmly on television in such a way that creates that result.  President Biden can instruct his defense department to reciprocate with exactly the same order(s), and his treasury department to respond with COMPLETE SANCTIONS RELIEF. With the largest countries on earth involved, this represents more than a trillion dollar opportunity for the global economy over the next decade. Therefore, it's an amazing opportunity for people everywhere to benefit. There's tremendous desire for peace from the global defense industry, already incentivized by all respected world leaders to make peace, too.

This can become an even more successful approach, creating an immediate and lasting sense of calm and global tranquility. Everyone involved prefers the phenomenal prestige of peace, and appearance of being ethical. They enjoy feeling safe and secure, while creating the context necessary for an even more quickly growing global economy. Real world peace can be achieved immediately, creating even more respect and popularity for everyone involved.  

And, remember,

“VICTORY” for all is being achieved this way!


Every world leader will receive even more respect looking victorious to their constituencies.  After all, Favored Peaceful Nation status and sanctions relief will finally have been achieved - both incredible accomplishments that can improve living standards for populations everywhere.  And President Biden can claim “victory,” too, for heroically protecting democracy and achieving real peace with every country on earth - one of the greatest accomplishments of any American President.

Remember, populations absolutely LOVE peace and want to participate in the global economy. People everywhere will fully support leadership participating in this approach to peace as a result. With great communication of “peace” and “love,” all respected world leaders will become even more popular than ever before.

The public nature of the peace deal makes it very easy to initiate, participate in and administrate. After all, world leaders must ORDER “world peace right now” on television to receive the highly sought after benefits of sanctions relief and inclusion at Favored Peaceful Nations events. Therefore, insistence on peace will become clear.  Similarly, the United States must publicly promise automatic reciprocal orders and real generosity.  This ensures promises by the United States will be kept. I believe everyone will be amazed at the outpouring of peaceful declarations from respected world leaders and phenomenal responses from the United States, creating peaceful and loving feelings and only the best behavior.  

News stations and publications globally will be called upon to repeat declarations of “peace” until the perfect orders are successfully followed in every major city and town.

World leaders may then enjoy that news stations and publications enhance their prestige, too, covering Favored Peaceful Nations diplomacy.

There really can be an excitingly resilient (and even exuberant) growing global economy for all countries.

All leaders will be even more respected and LOVED.  

And, remember,

World peace is already occurring.

Right now.