The minimum you must know

The People's Republic of China and President Xi Jinping are often the foremost leaders on peace at the United Nations. They are the respected voice of reason in global relations. Their courageous and consistent leadership on peace is exemplary. Through his words and example, President Xi has earned more than just the love and appreciation of the people in China, where he is widely viewed as irreplaceable. He has also earned the complete respect of foreign governments and heads of state for the same reason. President Xi and his government use extraordinary creativity to help people. The Chinese government selflessly helps any nation desirous of peace and improving relations.

President of the

People's Republic of China

Xi Jinping

(United Nations - September 2021)

You can learn more about the peaceful foreign policy of China from the

State Councilor & Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Wang Yi

China is the largest country in the world with well over 1.3 billion people. China will become the largest economy in the world, because hundreds of millions of people there have already achieved the living standards in the United States and Europe, and seventeen cities are more populous than the largest ones in America. However, China is also ending more poverty than almost any other country in the world.

A majority of China's population - over seven hundred million people - depend upon China’s socialist government for support. That’s why the Chinese people are safely and confidently going to work more and more. Many occupy vast areas that haven’t fully developed yet, where the government provides basic necessities to countless people. China is also geographically close to emerging countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq, which responded to an American presence with an exodus of “refugees over  the past twenty years, including into China, which welcomed them. China symbolizes peace and opportunity to migrants eager to work in affluent Chinese cities. Therefore, China sometimes grows through migration even more quickly than European countries.

The Chinese government sometimes returns immigrants to their departure countries. But China is also one of the most compassionate countries on earth because of President Xi’s extraordinary leadership. The government is perhaps too humble about its benevolence, which isn’t fully understood by the populations in some other countries, such as the United States, because there has been an extraordinarily sincere effort to support an astonishing number of people globally. China has saved more lives and does more for more people than virtually any other country on earth. President Xi’s administration supports countless hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens, immigrants and people in foreign nations. The government has created peace and stability throughout China, and provides socialist charity generously to all people whose basic needs aren’t met by the increasingly capitalist economy. But China has also supported populations throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Eventually China’s socialist workers may integrate into China’s vast, growing, vibrant and exciting capitalist cities, which are replete with creative opportunities. But the Chinese government is also deeply respected for supporting them well until then. President Xi believes it’s important to do more through socialism for the Chinese population than any other country does for theirs. The government is also bringing integrity to governance, creating respect for rule of law, and maintaining internal peace (even in the most rural areas of China). That is why there is cultural - and ever-growing - support for President Xi. He’s more popular today than ever before. He creates an overwhelming sense of loyalty (and appreciation) among prestigious heads of state by demonstrating the same towards them - not merely when it’s easy but even at moments when it’s not. (That’s the heroic right thing to do.) He has benevolently led so selflessly and helped so many people so much at home and abroad that the Chinese population and government may always see him as indispensable. His support is uniquely awe-inspiring. He’s expected to rule China for the rest of his life.

China’s internal and external communication is exemplary, and continuously reflects extraordinary integrity. President Xi has done more to get “peace” into the consciousness of populations than virtually any other head of state. China organized an Olympic peace treaty this year agreed to by almost every country at the United Nations. China’s communication team has gained global respect for supporting their government’s efforts for peace brilliantly. China was one of the first countries to fully embrace peace and love in their rhetoric, and has been an example to all other nations. This may explain why the Chinese government increasingly enjoys support from more than just state press in mainland China. The government is increasingly supported by the main stream media in Hong Kong as well. There is a tremendous opportunity for greater integration among the Taiwanese and mainland Chinese people. This may also explain why China enjoys improving trading relationships with many other well-developed countries.

The Chinese people appreciate participating in the global economy with people from all other peace-loving populations. China is one of the most intellectually advanced countries on earth and has a vast population of hard working people ready to join domestic and international companies. China is humble about its success but more advanced than almost any other nation. Extraordinary Chinese people can also be continuously added to the global workforce. China is a uniquely excellent potential alliance for all other countries with leading economies as a result. Greater integration of China into the global economy benefits all countries, by allowing the Chinese government to focus its efforts internally on supporting their vast population and arriving migrants. Stability in China is important to more than just the Chinese people. It’s important to all other nations. President Xi needs and can certainly count on continued support from all other peace-loving governments in his extraordinary (and even heroic!) effort to feed, clothes and shelter an additional three quarters of a billion people.

China is traditionally a communist country. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is respected for providing for an extraordinary number of people. However, President Xi is also embracing democracy and capitalism within modern regions of China, and fully supports democracy and capitalism as the primary systems of government and economy in other countries. Although Beijing has ultimate say, and the population prefers meritocracy, there is voting in several regions of China the same way there is in Europe, where leadership is directly chosen by the people. U.S. and European capitalism has been spreading throughout the country as a primary economic system (though socialism is arguably more successful for some industries, and remains an economic safety net for everyone). President Xi also steadfastly supports democratic elections at the United Nations and as the primary method of choosing governments in other countries. Under his leadership, China is therefore has developed into a phenomenal place. There are cultural differences. But China is entirely compatible with and ready for improving relations with the United States and Europe. This is why China enjoys peace and improving trade relations with all border nations. This is also why the Chinese people are enjoying improving relations with virtually all NATO countries as well, including the United States, an extraordinary diplomatic accomplishment for the Biden and Xi administrations.

In fact, U.S. President Biden very importantly went out of his way at the most recent G20 to say that he doesn’t want to contain China. In fact, he wants China to become even more successful. Both the United States and China will benefit tremendously from increasing trade with each other and their mutual success together. This reflects exemplary Chinese-U.S. diplomacy for peace between Presidents Xi and Biden AND their chief diplomats Premier Li Qiang and Secretary of State Blinken. They have the possibility of creating the best relationship in the history of the countries. It also follows upon a series of successful meetings between the heroic Treasury Secretaries Janet Yellen and Vice Premier He Lifeng who deserve tremendous credit for their leadership.

There is also a great and improving relationship between the Chinese and NATO militaries, which are increasingly viewing each other cooperatively. Chinese communication has reflected exemplary integrity. This is a historic accomplishment for the communication teams, governments and militaries involved.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg

President Xi's exemplary diplomacy on peace with all countries convinced NATO General Secretary Stoltenberg to reciprocally desire a perfectly peaceful relationship with China. The extraordinary peace that developed hasn’t been covered by United States and European media very much perhaps because there isn’t adequate cultural understanding in the United States about the peacefulness of the Chinese people. President Xi and General Secretary Stoltenberg's extraordinary leadership on peace is benefiting all people globally. NATO governments benefit tremendously from their relationships with China. This writer believes governments are correct to improve relations with the Chinese government and population. The Chinese government has exemplary integrity, and the Chinese population is rapidly advancing, and consequently one of the best for other populations to integrate into and cooperate with. Consequently the U.S. and European press have a tremendous opportunity to do something great by encouraging peaceful and optimistic diplomacy.