The war in Afghanistan lasted too long and cost too many lives on all sides to bare. There was a real peace offer from the Taliban a decade ago that was overlooked because it wasn’t believed. But that past isn't becoming the present because current NATO governments are recognizing the integrity of leaders in the region. There is much deserved tranquility and calm in Afghanistan now because of exemplary courage for peace from all sides. This occurred with the full support of a culturally sensitive NATO media.

NATO governments are also providing generously for the population, which is a very peaceful thing to do. Your country can join the humanitarian effort by contacting the United Nations.
The minimum you must know

The Afghanistan government and population need everyone's support. Many countries including China, the United States, Iran and the European Membership of States are already supporting Afghanistan. All countries are encouraged to join them.

Then Head of the 

U.S. State Department &

Secretary of State

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The United States deserves tremendous credit for providing over well over a billion dollars in annual humanitarian assistance since departing Afghanistan. Many other countries are providing aid directly to the government and population so that there may be an extraordinary country developing quickly in peacetime. All governments are encouraged to support this progress. (Global support is sometimes urgent.)

Secretary-General of the United Nations

António Guterres

(October, 2021)


There is an incorrect misperception that the decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan was hastily made and unexpected. That isn’t true. According to the U.S. press, a peace deal was publicly announced between the United States and Taliban in early 2020 for the departure of the U.S. military from Afghanistan now. The current U.S. presidential administration is bound by promises made by the previous one.

There are media reports that the Taliban has remained true to those commitments, including with respect to protecting foreigners in Afghanistan, and to protecting minority and women's rights.

There were incorrect reports that the Taliban aren’t being protective of Afghanistan citizens who have worked with the United States. All who worked with foreign forces are apparently receiving amnesty. There are tens of thousands of Afghanistan citizens with foreign aid experience who represent a tremendous investment opportunity in the country and who the Taliban wishes to reassure and retain.

The Taliban are securing considerable support for their consumer/commercial airport, which is becoming international once again, and connecting to countries around the world, which is critical for the country in opening up global trade. In May, Afghanistan signed a deal with a company from the United Arab Emirates to manage three airports in the country. (Qatar was also bidding to run these facilities.). In December 2021, Turkish and Qatari companies helped to restore the operations at the Kabul airport, which was put out of service during the withdrawal of the US and NATO troops in August 2021. Afghanistan was reportedly first offered support from Turkey last year. Turkey is a NATO-member country. Therefore, it’s an excellent partner for opening up trade routes to Europe. All of the countries involved can provide connections to virtually everywhere else. Hopefully the U.K. and U.S. can feel safe opening up tourism and trade with the Taliban ruled Afghanistan because immigration can be monitored and controlled well at the airports. Recent success in this area certainly signals that the Taliban is developing international credibility as a consequence of their steadfast efforts for good governance and peaceful relations with all other countries.

The Taliban are promising peace with all other governments and countries. Clearly the newly formed government wants continued global economic support for Afghanistan and not simply a relationship with the departing United States. They want great relations with everyone. They may very well achieve even more of their objectives at future peace talks.

The Taliban participated in a sufficient number of peace talks over the past several years to demonstrate their seriousness about peace. They have significant diplomatic credibility as a result. There is bipartisan support in our United States for peace. Perhaps public opinion in the U.S. of the Afghanistan government can now improve, too.

The Taliban have said that they plan to participate in more international peace talks to maintain peace within the country and to create foreign alliances. Although there are no guarantees, there is significant possibility that future peace talks can be even more successful.

There's an incorrect perception among some citizens of western countries that the Taliban aren't passionate about peace. There's also an incorrect perception that the Taliban aren't tolerant of other religions. There isn’t sufficient understanding among some in western countries that Islam is a religion of peace, and that devotion to the religion is an indication of morality similar to the morality in the west. The truth is that the Taliban are a peace-loving government. Their devotion to peace is reflected in a love for their peaceful religion. They are also tolerant of other religions. (They can educate Americans by patterning peace in English in the Abraham Declaration for Israel and the Abraham Declaration for Palestine with simple English-language press releases. Intermediaries and the Taliban's own diplomats can inform the United States and Israel at the United Nations that the press releases are real.) This can be an incredible opportunity for an American or European reporter to advance their career by doing the right thing and breaking the news first. Reporters will pattern "peace" by surfacing the story in the news. It's a potentially historic opportunity for U.S. - Afghanistan and Israel - Afghanistan relations that can enhance Afghanistan’s global credibility immeasurably. (Why not right now?)

There are growing upper and middle classes in Afghanistan. However, many there are also struggling to support themselves. People have to meet their basic needs and feel safe to remain in place, instead of migrating to other countries. Impoverished Afghanistan citizens are presently remaining in place. But there’s a risk that too much poverty could produce internal strife, and that some may flee instability to nearby Iraq, Iran, China and Russia. Afghanistan citizens sometimes also migrate to the United Kingdom and European Union. At least four million food insecure people left Afghanistan over the past twenty years, contributing to the security and humanitarian burden on recipient countries. Therefore, all affluent countries have a shared interest in peace, stability and prosperity for the Afghani people. The Taliban have said they feel the same way.

Islam is a religion named for peace and calm, and the people of Afghanistan have a tremendous sense of integrity. But there are also well armed people there. Regional governments are concerned that migrating gangs could pose a security challenge within Afghanistan or to recipient countries. Some governments think international cooperation with the government in control there is very important to help the entire population meet their needs. purchasing instead of distributing small weapons there can increase government control and the probability that the Afghanistan population will enjoy remaining in Afghanistan.

January 2022

The Taliban may use peace talks to secure the support of the international community. The Taliban are far more advanced than some may realize. They are a very sophisticated government capable of successful initiatives for their people. They may work well with foreign governments who wish to support industries there that can provide work opportunities. They can partner with other governments to develop utilities and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, buildings and recreation centers. Some in the international community are helping the Afghanistan government gain greater control over the country with a generous food or products-for-guns program that can reduce the risk of roaming militias that might otherwise challenge their lead.

The Taliban government has been clear at earlier peace talks that they want more than just peace. They say they want all aspects of their society represented in government, and for women’s rights to be respected. The Taliban may have a traditional constituency. But they want their country to become modern according to western standards. They also say they want to protect existing property rights to the best of their ability, including for those in other political parties from their own.

The Taliban have been stable and reliable participants at global talks. They appear likely to become an even better partner in peace with other countries that treat them with respect- especially those that work with them to help on aid and to help the Afghanistan population to participate in the global economy. Several very influential countries are openly expressing interest in working with the Taliban. Future peace talks are going to be very well attended as a result. Clearly all countries want to participate in order to understand what’s going on with a strategically important nation.

Europeans sometimes surface women's clothing and women's rights at peace talks, because face coverings are common in Islamic culture. (They tend to be considered polite where population growth isn’t desired, and unnecessary where population growth is desirable.) The government is officially permissive with clothing regulations. But as a practical matter, their official regulations may not matter. The population will follow their own customs and live according to their own peaceful faith. Afghanistan will clearly continue to achieve international credibility as a result.