The minimum you must know

Iraq is a majority Islamic country that consequently cares deeply about peace. Iraq shares its largest borders with Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and is geographically close to Israel. The government is at peace with all surrounding ones. But the Iraqi people remain want of stability and prosperity anyway, after the most challenging two decades in the nation's history.

There's great hope around the world that Iraq might one day develop into a desirable place to live. There have been significant developments creating a representative government and investing in infrastructure. But the population has endured civil disobedience, roaming gangs, and incursions from foreign states, including NATO and competing regional countries.

Because conflict and instability led people to flee Iraq, most foreign countries feel a significant shared interest in Iraq stabilizing and becoming successful politically and economically. Twenty million people fled the region in the past two decades. As all other countries in the region improve relations with one another, they increasingly insist on peace and calm between political parties within Iraq. Regional countries want great relations between groups within Iraq - so that they’re all successful working together - and won’t support behavior to the contrary.

There are natural resources in Iraq that can contribute to the country's prosperity. However, Iraq must develop the rest of it its economy as well. The population must be able to earn enough to support their needs. Welfare and employment may be very important to successfully halt the flow of refugees into other countries and continents. The population must safely and enjoyably participate in a growing global economy to end homelessness and reverse migration into Europe, Asia and surrounding states.

Countries attending peace talks may want to continue to put aside their differences entirely, and work together, until the Iraqi people are safe and prospering. There are no competing interests among countries as important as peace and calm there may be for all the countries in the area.

Iraq has participated in dozens of peace talks for the region in the past decade that have successfully maintained the country's borders with surrounding states, and that coordinated anti-terrorism efforts among nations. Those talks are going to continue. There have also been international meetings for the internal development of the nation. Iraq needs investment in broadband internet access, utilities, roads, residential buildings, commercial malls, educational programs and recreational centers. The country might also benefit from food-for-guns and product-for-guns programs. It's important that average Iraqi's feel safe, enjoy themselves and participate in a growing global economy.