The minimum you must know

Contact the United Nations to learn how your country can save lives and help innocent people through earthquake relief.

Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance. Therefore, it has a mutual protection treaty with the United States and most of Europe. Turkey is also being considered for European Union membership, which it may very well receive. Yet Turkey has successfully developed great relations with countries that the United States and Europe traditionally view as adversaries, including Iran and Russia, after years of successful diplomacy and countless successful peace talks. Historically Turkey has had a disagreement with Cyprus over ownership and governance of land there. And perhaps Turkey can improve upon its already peaceful relations with Israel. However, Turkey is currently at peace and has amicable relations with virtually every nation in the world.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a tremendously talented leader and diplomat. Turkey had to unexpectedly burden an exodus of people from neighboring Iraq and Syria over the past two decades, and therefore dealt with an unfair share of arriving foreign gangs. (Some of the militia settled as "Turkish nationals" in nearby Cyprus, creating an unfair impression in Cyprus of Turkey. Perhaps the Cyprus and Turkish governments can increase mutual understanding as a result.)

Turkey has remained vibrant and successful under President Erdoğan's leadership in spite of these considerable challenges because he led one of the most significant humanitarian efforts in the past century to house, cloth and feed refugees. He also led one of the most complicated diplomatic efforts of all time tremendously successfully. Turkey is currently at peace with all states.

Europe may continue to contribute economically to Turkey's humanitarian efforts to prevent further refugee migration into the E.U. membership of states. (Europe may prefer prosperity for other countries in the region for the same reason.)