The minimum you must know

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has exemplary diplomacy on peace. The government steadfastly supports interfaith peace. The country is exceedingly well led at the United Nations (both rhetorically and actually). They were one of the first countries to make the Abraham Declaration, signifying that there is religious peace between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and consequently peace between Islamic, Christian and Jewish states. They recognized and opened diplomatic relations with Israel. Perhaps they will make a subsequent Abraham Declaration with the Palestinian government, too. The UAE government is equally at peace with neighboring Saudi Arabia and Iran, who traditionally deter and compete with one another to provide security. The country is at peace with Syria, which shares many of the same values as the UAE. The UAE was called upon to participate in numerous peace talks in the past because they were a calming, stabilizing and reliable influence. The UAE supports Yemen in being at peace with U.N. member nations.

Reem Ebrahim Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation of United Arab Emirates

September 2022

The United Arab Emirates appreciates visitors a lot. As a consequence, the society advances quickly through interactivity with people with various backgrounds. (Arabic countries love to integrate individuals with various experiences - even if only for short times - because they have the potential to contribute great ideas and can create phenomenal opportunities.)

The UAE has done more for their own population and has more to offer other nations than most countries because of the amazing history, advanced scientific development and enjoyable culture. All countries should develop close (even alliance) relations with the UAE. They create great experiences for visiting groups. Fantastic tourism supports their exemplary diplomacy. The UAE may enjoy an exceedingly optimistic future in peace with all other countries.