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Member countries can contact the United Nations to learn how to provide relief to people in Pakistan affected by recent floods. An adequate global response to recent weather events is important to more than just the population of Pakistan. Generous aid will reduce the migration burden on European and Asian countries that might otherwise receive affected people.

According to news reports in August 2022, newly elected Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that Pakistan continues to want to have "permanent peace" with India under his leadership. He made this announcement to students with the media present. This may consequently be an opportunity for Pakistan and India diplomats to be suggested to work together at the United Nations to pursue a permanent peace treaty for Kashmir. Because a large open border with Pakistan is a route for impoverished Afghanistan refugees to depart for all other countries, all nations have an interest in the safety and prosperity of the region to retain those people. Consequently, peace between India and Pakistan is likely to find widespread diplomatic support at the United Nations from all other countries.

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