According to Russian President Vladimir Putin in May 2023, “Moscow wants a Peaceful, Free and stable Future.” He went on to say that, "For Russia there are no hostile nations in the West or in the East...”

The United States would not tolerate weapons aimed at U.S. citizens from the northern or southern borders of the United States. The U.S. would remove or eliminate them immediately.

Russia has the same policy, which has been precipitating incursions into Ukraine. Russia seeks peaceful de-militarized borders the same way the U.S. would.

NATO hasn’t extended to Russia the same courtesy that Russia shows in return. NATO has allowed capabilities to advance towards the border of Russia through Ukraine. This writer believes that NATO has a moral imperative to promise and participate in a demilitarization of the towns closest to Russia, which President Putin implied late last year could return the entirety of Ukraine immediately to peace.

Call this a return to the "Minsk Peace Treaty," because it's essentially the same line of control that kept the peace there for almost a decade under an agreement entered into by then-Vice President Joe Biden and President Barrack Obama, and that was signed by several European leaders and the Ukraine head of state.

This writer believes NATO, Ukraine and Russia should subsequently promise not to have heavy weapons in Ukraine ever again. There's no reason for NATO and Russia to have capabilities near each other (unless an alliance forms between them).