The minimum you must know

Japan made peace shortly after the second global conflict by agreeing to forgo having a military and accepting a constitution written by the United States. But the country developed without external help into a leading participant in the global economy. Japan eventually developed security capabilities of its own in partnership with the United States and Europe.

Throughout the country's extraordinary development, Japan set a great example. Tremendous work ethic and intellectual rigor in Japan led cities there to flourish through steady technological and manufacturing advancement. Progress occurred without a domestic military. Therefore, the country's entire resources went into improving the experience of the population.

Throughout Japan's decades of peaceful progress, the government and population developed a reputation for integrity. This continues to be true today. Prime Minister of Japan recently patterned "peace" eloquently at the United Nations. This writer believes very much in the future of peace for Japan with all other peace-loving nations.

Prime Minister of Japan
Kishida Fumio

Although Japan dutifully supports NATO in negotiations with North Korea, Japan only seeks peace on the Korean peninsula.

Russia and Japan sometimes participate in peace talks regarding ownership of an island between them.

Japan has excellent improving relations with all other neighboring nations, including China and South Korea.