"National Unity"

President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Says "Peace" & "Love" repeatedly to the American People

The minimum you must know

There is Civil Peace between liberals and conservatives in the United States of America.

HOWEVER, there was considerable social strife.

But Americans are making each other feel safe.

Americans are forgiving one another easily and letting go of the past.

Great patterning of peace and love saved the day.

Giving welfare generously to poor people helped a lot, too.

But we need to be a country that cares about and supports one another.

The Biden administration has done an amazing job unifying the country.

The previous administrations, too.

The media has been incredible.

The improvement is historic.

You’re absolutely loved.

You're extraordinary.

And audiences need more from you.

You’re more important than you understand.

Use the words "peace" and "love" even more often.

Be on the side of forgiving and absolving whenever possible.

You help the country and yourselves every time you do.

And remember…

Ethical politicians obviously love peace.

In both political parties.

Both liberal and conservative presidents and their families have done a lot to be at peace with each other.

They’re realizing that it’s so much better that way.

Dignity is a national interest.

Perhaps absolution therefore is, too.

All Americans are realizing we prefer to protect one another.

To love one another.

The media and politicians in both political parties are innocently patterning “peace” and “love.”

You can as well.

January 6, 2021 Tweets

The media has demonstrated that journalists demand peace.

Heroes in the media pattern peace incredibly well !

But this isn't always the prevailing feeling from watching news shows.

As much communication progress that has been achieved…

…we really need even more great work.

We don't need unkind vocabulary words anymore.

Clearly word choice matters.

Sometimes it matters a lot.

So that Americans will care about each other.

So that Americans will love one another.

The media is doing more now than ever before to create peaceful feelings.

It's extraordinary.

And the pleasant fact is...

U.S. politicians in both political parties are doing the right thing to unify the country.

And the media is, too!

Democrats and Republicans are at peace with one another.

The media is, too!

December 2021

The writing appearing on the screen in news shows has improved so much that a century from now historians may even remember today as a peaceful awakening - that contributed to peace in earth.

But don't rest on your laurels.

Don’t return to those old unhelpful habits.

News producers can do even more!

Be on the side of forgiving easily and absolving.

Patterning love.

It would be great to see even more peaceful words, too.

Here are examples.

After the Improvement

Before the improvement

Tucker Carlson

March 6, 2023

This obviously has to do with the choice of facts being presented honestly by the media.

It's important for the media to selectively present facts in a balanced manner to create realistic popular impressions.

That’s your job if you’re an journalist.

And it also has to do with the intuitions you create when you do.

Be compassionate.

Be forgiving.

Make them peaceful and loving by using peaceful and loving vocabulary words.

Why not?

Words appearing in graphics matter a lot.

That's the number one way news producers can innocently help.

Use peaceful linguistics.

That's what President Biden did in the video at the start of this page.

That’s what President Trump was doing on Twitter, too.

That's what the media is doing now, too.

So that the crowd will behave peacefully.

So that all crowds will behave even more peacefully.

Ethical people.

At home and around the world.

There is clearly peace and love in the United States.

But this didn’t use to be felt all of the time by audiences watching news suggesting to them otherwise or inciting them with excessively used vitriolic vocabulary words.

Word choice matters.

But now everyone’s doing their honest best, which is extraordinary.

Politicians and newscasters must continue to tell the truth to the public.

We need the free press to keep doing an awesome job.

Put forward facts and your perspectives to audiences everywhere.


You're reporting heroically and ethically when you do.

And whenever possible…

…prefer peaceful words.

 Republican Congresswoman

Nancy Mace

January 6, 2021

When you use peaceful words…

Audiences calm down.

People relax.

And most importantly...

You create peace and love on earth this way.

(You really do.)

People everywhere are influenced when you say the words "peace" and "love."

End “real politik,” the unnecessarily divisive rhetoric between politicians.

And between the news media covering them.

Forgive easily.

Report compassionately.

Enhance national dignity.

And here is what you can do right now.

Ethical politicians, news producers and news personalities…

…everyone in the free press:

Create peace and love with your word choice.

Pattern peace and love right now!

And keep supporting the neediest segment of the population with welfare.

Real political competition is great.

Real political competition between politicians and newscasters is superb.

Audiences learn from great political debates…

…and benefit from the best ideas.

Real politics (not real politiks!) benefits everyone.

But be compassionate towards one another when you do.

Because viewers need to hear the truth and the perspectives of all sides.

And enjoy thoughtful debates about real issues.

But word choice matters.

Word choice matters a lot.

And YOU can make a difference.

YOU can create peace and love on earth…

…with helpful vocabulary...

...with helpful word choice.

Politicians and newscasters:

Be heroic for each other.

Be heroic for the country.

Be heroic for humanity.

By reporting compassionately.

Be great leaders on peace and love regardless of political party.

Be there for your colleagues.

Be there for populations everywhere.

Create peace and love with your words.

This doesn't require a Presidential order.

This doesn't require legislation.

(Though legislation might some day help a lot.)

Politicians and news media...

Help yourselves.

Help your country.

Help the entire world.

With exceptional word choice.

Audiences are responding incredibly well.

You're already experiencing more peace and love than ever before.

There is Civil Peace between politicians.

There is Civil Peace between news stations.

But word choice matters.

Peaceful words make a tremendous difference.

They really help a lot.

Keep patterning thoughtfully.


This week.

Next week.

And even the week after that.

Without someone even having to remind you.

But I will keep reminding you anyway.

Because I love you.

You set a great example…

…by showing populations everywhere how well everyone works together.

Set a great example by resolving political differences easily.


Patterning peace and love.

Right now.

The linguistics are simple.

You've created peace and love in the United States.

You're creating peace and love globally.

…benefitting all nations.

…benefitting humanity.

But it’s up to you to make it happen.

Obviously peaceful
Obviously peaceful

Innocent politicians in both parties are at peace with each other.

Ethical politicians are obviously behaving peacefully.

Benevolent media are at peace with one another, too.

Liberals even peacefully endorse conservatives. Conservatives even peacefully endorse liberals.

It happens all the time.

Perhaps it can happen more often now, too.

But it would really help humanity if more peaceful and loving words appear in the news.

YOU will enjoy even more peace.

The press deserves tremendous credit.

Politicians do, too.

You’re all extraordinary.

You really are.

There is far more honesty and integrity in governing and communication than is probably understood by the population.

And that’s important, because humanity needs you right now.

Audiences everywhere need you to use the words “peace” and “love” more often right now.



Communication can enhance Civil Peace and Global Peace.

Liberal news stations can pattern “peace” and “love” to conservative stations.

Conservative news stations can pattern “peace” and “love” to liberal ones.

Ask yourself right now…

…are you doing this enough?

Be truthful in how you internally respond.

Because having tremendous integrity isn’t enough.

You must take action and do the right thing, too.

And patterning “peace” and “love” just once or twice isn’t enough.

We need to hear and see these words all the time.

Because it’s up to YOU to make this happen.

It’s up to reporters.

It’s up to producers.

It’s up to politicians!

To create peaceful and loving feelings with great word choice.

It’s really easy to do.

People with tremendous integrity...

…use the words “peace” and “love” more frequently now.

YOU have integrity.

YOU are persuasive.

YOU are absolving your competitors because it’s the right thing to do.

You can create peace for yourself.

Your audience needs your help.

Help the country.

Help humanity.

Make it happen.

The more you make the words “peace” and “love” appear in the news…

…the more peace and love will be achieved everywhere.

The happier you will be.

Now is more important than ever.

This is your opportunity.

It’s your future.

You enjoy freedom of speech…


You enjoy freedom of the press.

Therefore, it’s really up to you.

Use that freedom wisely to help the country and humanity.

(Not with word choices that risk inciting, and creating unpredictable results… but with word choices that calm and create tranquility.)

By patterning the pleasant responses you genuinely want to create.

“Peace” and “love” are great words for everyone to use.

This is YOUR country.

This is YOUR world.

Only YOU can make this happen.

Only YOU can pattern “peace.”

Only YOU can pattern “love.”

Right this instant.

Pattern “peace” and “love.”

Right now.