Unemployed Americans & Immigrants

February 2021


Great pattern recognition by media personalities is returning the global economy to full employment and faster economic growth than ever before. The global economy is on the upswing. There is consequently reason for optimism. But the past two years of economic malaise also created food insecurity including for a portion of the population in our United States. (There is more homelessness now than ever before.) A compassionate welfare program can help a lot.

The fact is that there is a vast underclass whose basic needs aren’t going entirely met yet. This contributed to petty theft and an emptying of U.S. store shelves. It also resulted in innocent protesting in Washington. There are at least tens of thousands of people in border areas of the United States and at least hundreds of thousands of people elsewhere throughout the U.S. living in abject poverty including in streets. The U.S. government has greatly exacerbated this problem with sanctions on foreign countries that produces suffering and consequently uncontrolled (homeless) migration into our United States. Clearly there is an ethical and moral obligation to provide welfare generously to the homeless population including newly arriving immigrants.

The underclass is also growing because there are at least two million people from South America crossing over the southern border of the United States each year, inspired by the promise of American prosperity advertised on television and the internet.

That may be why Costa Rica's President encourages all countries to become more charitable. President Quesada is knowledgeable about the affect of starvation on society because millions of homeless migrants enter his country on their way to the United States. His government is uniquely devoted to helping food insecure people as a result. He believes society can breakdown when the neediest among us are neglected. He recommends providing for them generously.

President of the Republic of Costa Rica

Carlos Alvarado Quesada

There are private organizations endeavoring to provide for everyone. But they lack sufficient resources. Only the government can fully meet these needs.

Most immigrants are peaceful. But even the most peaceful people can become disgruntled after lacking food and shelter for enough time. People don’t want to live in the freezing cold temperatures in cardboard boxes and tents. They don’t want to have to search for public bathrooms or have to defecate in alleys or the streets. They don’t want to have to steal to survive. (National retailers have their shelves emptied periodically by people doing their best to survive.) Shop lifters and store owners sometimes riot and protest. Sometimes society even seems to be breaking down.

Intolerable poverty necessitates a response from the government. The United States would benefit from a generous foreign policy and sanctions relief on departure countries, so that people can meet their needs in their home countries without migrating here to live in the streets. It’s also time for the government to provide generously to the countless people living in U.S. streets.

The following welfare program (that news reports indicate is now being partially implemented) is important for:

  1. Crime reduction - because people won’t steal anymore.
  2. Fewer protesters - because fewer people will become disgruntled.
  3. Fewer immigrants - because honest information can discourage this behavior.
  4. More economic activity - because welfare (obviously) increases retail sales.
  5. Lower prices - because government can use the welfare program to negotiate lower retail prices for all customers in certain stores.
  6. And therefore, extraordinarily, a major reduction in inflation!

Welfare can be granted in store cards that can be used in a few national retail grocery store chains. Accompanying information can be provided. (Optionally, free internet devices might also be distributed so that people can send/receive messages and find work. Eventually recipients can pay to continue using them.)

Store cards can be accepted like credit cards in grocery stores, pharmacies and convenient store chains. Accompanying paperwork can contain information about how to find work. Theft can be discouraged in the paperwork by describing the consequences of such behavior. Additional immigration can be discouraged with honest information about the challenges people face.

This program will appeal to everyone. Retail stores will LOVE the opportunity and benefit the most, because welfare will directly increase their profitability. It will increase revenue and reduce costs from petty theft. Welfare recipients will also be thrilled because they will receive free benefits. They'll be delighted to enjoy free food, toiletries and medicines. The rest of society will benefit as well because the program will create peace and safety. It will also reduce inflation because the promise of welfare revenue can be used by the U.S. government to negotiate lower retail prices for all customers in stores nationwide.

National retail chains will eagerly compete on retail price in order to gain acceptance into the program and a huge amount of government revenue. Perhaps they can be asked to set retail prices at reasonable pre-pandemic levels for everyone. Most chains will agree to this condition in order to opt into this program. But even stores opting out will likely compete on retail prices as well. After all, stores opting out will have new price competition from the ones opting in. So the entire country really will benefit. Stores can also be reminded that there are patriotic reasons to reduce prices to help the country. This can lead to a welcomed price reduction for everyone.

Welfare registration for the store card program can give the government the opportunity to distribute more than just welfare. The government can give social security numbers and identification cards, too, so that the government can eventually earn revenue from welfare recipients when they find jobs. This will more than pay for the program. (If free internet messaging devices are distributed, calming/encouraging messages and job opportunities can be sent to them.)

This is a sensible solution to poverty and homelessness in our peace-loving nation.

“American Easy Street”