Laughter is the same in all languages

Emptiness that’s appealing to the mass-less. A “naughty” peace and love cartoon that the entire universe is comfortable with

Intimidating grammar:

“Peace be onto you.”

Reassuring grammar:

“I feel peaceful towards you.”

The living room of the future where the pattern recognition in the news isn’t peaceful

Some peace and love films are timeless

Peace & love have no opposite

But anti-matter love has an opposite

All governments before their journalists realized that it’s very important to pattern “peace” and “love”

This isn’t a peaec sign?

He said to himself: “Monster, This is the worst toilet I’ve ever seen!

For more on a happy peace strategy, add additional search terms to “peace” and “love”

You can tell the specifies is primitive because it isn’t peaceful


We won’t post any more hose cartoons

Don’t publish anymore funnies!

Anti-matter has anti-feelings about cartoon humor