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Humor that's strictly for peace experts only:

Peace humor for all

Heroic comedy writers and actors focus on peaceful concepts to subtly encourage audiences to behave well towards one another. Their work can be very important, because they influence heads of state, and vast populations who support them.

The more times the concepts of “peace” and “love” appear in humor, the more peacefully and lovingly audiences respond as a result.

This simple and clearly peaceful artwork represents their phenomenal efforts to encourage people everywhere to behave thoughtfully of one another.

Collage of pottery and newspaper articles:

Peace means hiding from your spouse, not another ethnicity

Play peacefully and tickle

Be cheap with your peaceful date

Heads of state aren't allowed to take too many paperclips either

Peaceful art that only makes sense to world leaders

Peace one day at a time

When you think you've achieved "inner peace," spend a week with your family

China declares "peace and love."

Americans are unaware because pre-season baseball gets better ratings.

Get ready for zippity do da "love"

They're obviously peaceful. But you're still not paranoid if people are actually following you. Enough said.

Peaceful & lonely?

1 (900) HOT LOVE

(and sexy peace)

Say "maybe" to love

“You love cubic zirconia”

100% polyester doesn't wrinkle

(60% polyester wrinkles a lot, slob)

Painting of our political parties before Civil Peace

Why talented artists started writing "peace" and "love" instead of inciting vocabulary words

Tutor peace

Always buy Boardwalk and Park Place

My kind of peaceful party

Where's the DJ?

Deep thoughts about peace and love

Not a rude yoga pose

Ordinary consenting peace and love horse behavior

It may be peaceful and loving. But some jokes go too far:

You’ll hope they keep their clothes on during monster yoga embrace position

Enjoy peace, beach

Nothing but mask

Peaceful scoundrel

Not a suggested first date.
(Fortunately, the station saved their morale by patterning “peace,” “love,” “pleasure” and “joy.”)

He couldn’t get laid at an end of the world party.

But he seems to be doing great with Selective Search, now that it’s peaceful.

What a relief.

It wasn't the Klingon language after all.

(See party above)

"I don't care if he's a scientist.

Choose another man, Sweetie."

Hoping to seal the deal, he put pussy in the peace proposal

He’s very happy with peace but thought they meant a feline

Peace deals are worth covering after all

It was true love, and both countries gave them congressional prizes for peace.

Unable to find the peace talks, all the world leaders loved the peace humor anyway, and made peace on the Peace Train