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A genius once said that, “Better results starts with better thinking."

It's obviously true. Is it not?

If you keep repeating past thoughts and behaviors, you are only going to get more of the same results.

Getting the most fun, joy, love, peace, wealth and success from life involves right thinking.

If you have already learned the Gaivna Psychology, Hypnosis & Neuroscience model, and already understand that everyone develops cognitively the same way, then you realize that we form Awareness and Automatic Behavioral Responses by matching the present moment with patterns of past experiences. (For more information, see the short films below, and join a Gaivna workshop for free. They're fun!)

Clearly we have these cognitive processes in common because they are essential. They allow us to accomplish amazing tasks every day. We can move through life perceiving and interacting with extraordinarily complex context easily and naturally, while simultaneously making sophisticated decisions instantaneously. Yet our similar cognitive processes do not mean that we all respond to life the same way. In fact, the opposite is true. We each develop unique perceptions and intuitions, and therefore achieve a variety of results.

Why? Because our experiences and imagination diverge in subtle and substantial ways. Only some people repeatedly win in life as a result. Those who develop highly effective cognitive patterns are consistently successful, when others are not.


Champions of industry, sports and academia share certain automatic behavioral responses.

Enjoying the most fun & achieving the best results involves establishing phenomenal cognitive patterns.

Stop for a second and really consider what you are realizing here, because it's important. In fact, it may well be the most important lesson you learn your entire life.

Your thinking isn't just your most valuable resource.

It's essential to every single result you achieve. You have to use cognitive abilities well to really prevail.

This is especially important if...

You want success

You yearn to attract love and affection

You want to win in business

You want to release phobias and be highly confident

You want to release limiting beliefs

You want to feel even more peaceful and relaxed

You want to be persuasive and negotiate well enough to consistently win

You feel ready to improve your results right now!

Are you ready to form the best cognitive patterns while developing the motivation and strategies to accomplish your most ambitious and exciting goals?

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Tadd Rosenfeld
Tadd Rosenfeld

Tadd Rosenfeld has a degree from Yale University, and researched neurology, oncology and neuro-linguistics. He spent seventeen years traveling abroad extensively while working for leading financial advisory firms and founding and developing successful businesses. He published two books and teaches at Master Scholar Symposiums.

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