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Become a Master Scholar in Gaivna and learn the secrets of Psychology, Hypnosis & Neuroscience.

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Be successful. When you want. How you want.

Influence isn't magic -- it's the application of successful techniques and strategies. Persuasive people have a substantial edge over everyone else. To be successful, you need to understand and excel at neuro-linguistics.

Most people neglect to learn Psychology, Hypnosis and Neuroscience. However, each contributes to our understanding of something very important to our lives. Psychology considers how thoughts form, Hypnosis is about affecting them, and Neuroscience researches how thoughts occur physically. You can get a significant advantage from recognizing consistencies between them.

Gaivna level one programming is therefore very special. We reveal these subjects for the first time in a single elegant theoretical model that's easy to comprehend and can make you substantially more influential. You are going to quickly understand real neuroscience secrets about decision making that you can't learn anywhere else, and feel peaceful becoming more superb at conversational hypnosis faster than you ever thought possible.

Fun, love, enthusiasm, adventure, success and accolades? What do you want from your life?

Gaivna Master Scholar Symposiums are the best way to learn influence sciences. Act fast because events fill up early. You are going to love being knowledgeable & persuasive.

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Mr. Rosenfeld's an entrepreneur, author and communication expert who wants you to be successful. He has a degree from Yale University, wrote "the Book" on persuasion and produced what some say is the best psychology, hypnosis & neuroscience lecture series. Rosenfeld travelled to far reaches of the globe while working for international firms and developing successful businesses. He lives in Miami, FL, where he's writing "Metaphors for Peace" and teaching influence to amazing people at Master Scholar Symposiums.


Fun & Exciting!

When are the workshops and symposiums?

Monthly - 1 Hour Influence Workshop - FREE

Monthly - 6 Hour Symposium

Where are the workshops and symposiums?

Your place (via the internet)!

Who should attend?

Everyone excited to learn hypnotic language patterns and about the brain.

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites. Level one school programming is appropriate for everyone from first time psychology and hypnosis students to successful neuroscientists.

Can I receive Scholar & Master Scholar Certifications at the symposium?


Simply participate in two internet symposiums to become a Scholar.

Simply participate in four internet symposiums to become a Master Scholar.

Am I going to love the symposium?

Yes! You are going to learn even more than you expect. They're fun!

Are there group rates?

Yes! If you love Gaivna so much that you convince four colleagues to join you...

You and your colleagues can can save 25%.

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