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Einstein was published in encyclopedias (called Grolier and American People’s).

He was a peaceful scientist who wanted the world to be safe.

Einstein was an extraordinary teacher because he simplified information elegantly that he felt his contemporaries were ready for. You can relax and enjoy his work as a result. Mankind is peaceful enough to use his simple ideas benevolently. And he didn’t codify everything else that he figured out.

Einstein explained the consilient relationship between time and space. It’s easy to understand by considering how we measure time.

For instance, earth spins compared to the nearest sun and moon. A three hundred and sixty degree rotation is defined as a day on earth. The meaning of day is therefore the motion of matter in space compared with other matter.

The concepts of time and space are therefore more than just consilient. The measurement of time involves measuring movement through space. Most units of time are defined this way. Time and space are mathematically relatable as a result.

But Einstein’s theory of special relativity introduced important additional math to our measurement of time.

Einstein explained how perception of time depends upon more than just the motion of matter being observed. Perception of time depends also upon the motion of the observer compared to it.

Light speed is very fast but not instant. Light from matter will therefore seem to reach an observer slower when he’s accelerating away from a time source, and then quicker when he’s decelerating in relationship to it. So accurate evaluation of time when traveling great distances must take into consideration more than just light from time being measured at the origin. An accurate evaluation must take into consideration the motion of the observer compared with it.

Is humanity on the verge of the ethical progress necessary to learn more than ever before? Is humanity ready to use great intellectual insights peacefully?

Mankind’s benevolence is obvious from linguistics in popular culture. Just watch the news around the world, for instance, to find out.

The concept of peace is being introduced more and more regularly on the radio and television. People in some places feel and are behaving more peacefully as a result!

Individuals and groups ARE becoming enlightened - preferring to create instead of destroy progress.

The population may become peaceful enough some day to learn a lot more from Einstein's successors and from one another as a result.

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