Own A Campus

Gaivna is seeking exceptional people to start internet and actual campuses in new areas.

Now you too may have the opportunity to own and run a business with the help of the best persuasion and influence trainers imaginable.

If we accept your application, and you love and want another way to profit from Gaivna internet lecture series and symposiums, then you can learn from our experts ways to profit from this exclusive opportunity.



Cash in on your understanding of persuasion and influence

Make a real contribution to peoples lives

Choose your own schedule

Own something valuable

Work with the best people who care about you and your financial success

Trade benefits with other businesses

The opportunity requires that you have been to a symposium.

However, no other prior knowledge of psychology or education is necessary.

We only work with the best, and this opportunity isn't for everyone. However, if you have what it takes to be successful, you can learn all of our business strategies.


Advertising opportunities and interacting with businesses in your region.
Customer support for customers you develop.
Negotiating receivables.
Going to networking receptions for local businesses.


Enthusiastic and passionate about establishing business opportunities.
Confidence that you can accomplish goals.
Ability to coordinate complex information.

We offer

Everything you need.
Internet lecture series and symposiums for you to offer, and strategies for developing your own.
Recruiting approaches.
Sales & marketing techniques.
We can write, produce and send information to your prospects.
Internet expertise.
Customer Relations Management Systems (CRMs).
Conference calls for motivation and advice.