Work Here

Brilliant and creative thinkers-- use your abilities where possibilities are unlimited and your contributions are valued.

Whether you are a salesperson, executive or recent graduate, Gaivna can be a thrilling, profitable and educational next opportunity.

What we look for

We value creativity and ability to think differently. Our teams also have the following common characteristics that contribute to our success...

Individual Effectiveness

We want people ready and able to win.


We want people who are constantly developing new possibilities and concepts, and taking action on them.


Our partners and employees must be able to collaborate to solve real issues and establish superior solutions together.

We have...

- Superb executives

- Innovative approaches

- Peaceful culture

- Relaxing schedule

- Emphasis on results

That’s the Gaivna experience. Is it for you?

We sell information products about human psychology, behavior and interaction. All year round we work with individuals and groups to develop effectiveness based on science so that they can create success for themselves.

We want employees with various experience levels. Whether you recently graduated from college or have worked for years, there may be positions available for you.

What do you want to be?

Preparing to talk with us

Interviewing allows us to get a sense for who you are and how well you may participate in fast paced entrepreneurial environment, and gives you the chance to understand Gaivna and our approach to creating value. You may want to listen to our internet lectures or go to a campus workshop to get a sense of the consumer experience.

It's important to us that you are excited to talk with us. Gaivna executives are intelligent, supportive and want to understand who you truly are. We want to respond helpfully with information to give you a sense if you are right for our team.

What's the best approach? Be the real you. And remember that we are being evaluated by you too.


We have constantly evolving needs. Get started by letting us know the position that you would enjoy the most.